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Feb 23

The most common ways to unclog your toilet

By Carlos Bourgeois | DIY

It can be a very grouse job, and people always prefer calling plumbers instead taking the situation in their hand. We have news for you; this is often something you can handle on your own. If you wonder what you need for this job, here are some useful advice.

Use the plunge

It is cheap and easy-fit to anywhere, and every house should have it. If your toilet overflows, it is a time to buy a plunger handy. Unless you want to have a flooded bathroom, you should buy you one of these useful things. When you buy yourself a plunger, you can try applying a lot of different tricks to unclog the bathroom.

plunger handy

Unclogging substances

To make yourself thing easier you can buy a lot of different unclogging substances. Pour them into your toilet and wait for about half an hour. After those 30 minutes, you will be able to unclog the toilet with one movement of your plunger. If you are a housewife, we suggest you this method. You will save a lot of your energy and time.

Volcano Method

You don’t have some chemical things for your toilet. Don’t worry! You can make it on your own. We will give you’re the recipe so you can do it yourself. All you need is baking soda, one cup and two cups of vinegar. Pour it into your toilet, and you will see the magic. After several hours you will notice that clog isn’ttoilet unclogger so tough anymore and you will be able to remove it easily. Our advice is to leave it over the night when nobody is using a bathroom and clean it in the morning.

Whatever you decide to choose for clog removal, one thing keeps in mind: if you do this from time to time, you won’t ever have to call plumbers. After all, you will save your toilet and the pipes and make them long-term items. Toilet you can easily replace, it is not a huge investment, but pipes can cause you a lot of headaches. That’s why it is better to maintain it on your own, from time to time.