Installation of gas-powered boilers and accompanying pipes

By Carlos Bourgeois | plumbing

Nov 09
gas-powered boilers

Welcome to our site where we inform you about our line of work. We work on installation and maintenance of gas-powered boilers as well as tubes that connect the same to the gas network.

This line of work is loosely connected to plumbing due to the nature of both businesses. But this doesn’t mean that we solve plumbing issues. Well, we do maintain and repair pipe system that is connected to the boiler, but that is all plumbing work we do. We can still help you as we are connected with several professional plumbers. Just contact us, and we will see what can be done.

Basic services our company offers

gas boilersYour landlord has to possess a gas certificate that will ensure everyone that the whole system is up-to-date. This license has to be renewed every year as gas system failure can lead to death as well as monetary damages that are too high for any landlord to pay.

One of the services we offer is the renewal of the said certificate. If you call us for that, then we will send a professional to the location. They will perform a full inspection of the gas pipe network as well as the appliance that uses the gas. They will also perform tests of the pressure and the gas meter to ensure that everything is in order. The certificate is renewed only when the technician concludes that everything is perfect for the whole system.

Annual service is one way to keep your gas system in check, but you should contact us at the first sign of trouble. If you notice faults in the boiler or other parts of the system, then you should call us. We can also service oil-based boilers. Don’t even think about trying to fix the boiler alone. And don’t delay and call us immediately because even the smallest leak of the gas can cause critical injuries or death.

Our company is here to serve you

Central Gas Safety is here to help you, so do not hesitate to contact us whenever you feel that there might be an issue with the gas system. We will send a professional to your location as soon as you reach for us. If they decide that the problem is dangerous, then they will send you away and secure the parameter. Then they will call several employees that will take care of the problem without risking anyone’s life.

We build a special connection with every client, and that gives them a peace of mind. We do regular checks on our client’s gas systems, and that eliminates the possibility of any damage. We also offer maintenance of the oil boilers and their following systems as well as plumbing maintenance. This all falls into our full maintenance service that we provide to our loyal clients. We don’t do all of those things alone, but it is still part of our service package due to connections to several other companies. They provide their services on our behalf, and we do same for them, and this cooperation works well for all three sides, us, those companies and our clients.

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