What makes us one of the best plumbing companies in the area?

By Carlos Bourgeois | plumbing

Dec 25

Last several years brought a revolution in the plumbing industry, and many new companies emerged. In one way this was excellent as it gave people options and this normalized the pricing of the services. We appeared during that time, and we saw how the increased number of competition pushed companies to give their best to attract clients.

But this revolution had its dark side as well. The dark side of it was the rise of amateur companies that charged less than generally for plumbing services. People flocked to them, and the results were disastrous. They spent less money on services, but the quality of the same was nowhere near what it should have been. Nothing changed since then and there are still businesses that offer subpar service for less money than the standard fees are.

Quality of the service is essential to us

Our goal is to bring high-quality services to all people who need them. Providing any service that is below the accepted parameter when it comes to quality of the work is unacceptable for us. We employ only the best as they can provide service that is superior to the competition. This approach makes it impossible for us to offer our help at prices that are the norm.

This, however, doesn’t mean that we don’t hire inexperienced people. Every employee that doesn’t have experience can’t be the primary worker that will go alone on jobs we get. We send them along with professionals so they can learn from the best. We send them alone on jobs only when we deem that they learned everything they could from their superiors.

The range of services that we offer

The range of our services goes from the installation of plumbing elements to their repair. The installation refers to the replacement of old parts with brand new pieces that have better durability, and that comes with insurance. We guarantee for every element we install, and their maintenance is also a service we offer. We also fit plumbing elements in newly built buildings. But this last one isn’t possible on a private level, and thus we only do that through deals with construction companies.

Our company guarantees for every installed piece of plumbing element. You will get a discount for any repair that is caused by you or someone else. This discount goes with the regular discount we offer for the maintenance of all elements we install.

Swift reaction saves the day

Water can cause a lot of damage in very little time, and thus it’s essential to repair the fault as soon as possible. We have a phone line that is reserved for emergency calls. People who are in pressing need of plumbing aid can call it, and we will react in a matter of minutes.

Please don’t call this line if the issue isn’t threatening your home. This is a line for people whose livelihood is endangered by a plumbing issue, and they need it repaired in a matter of an hour or two. Anything else can wait, and you can contact us through email for that.

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